Adam Ralph

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Name: Adam 'Jenks' Ralph

Date of Birth: September 8th, 1992

Hometown: Hamilton

Occupation: Professional gamer/Student

Favourite game: World of Warcraft

Favourite character: G-Man


Bio: Adam ‘Jenks’ Ralph is a Canadian Call of Duty living in Ontario, Canada. He is currently the Flex player for Toronto based team Northern Express.

            Jenks has been avidly following the Call of Duty series since Call of Duty: Finest Hour on the PS2. With a love for military history and the games campaigns and the stories they told, he was hooked from the start. It wasn’t until that fateful Christmas in 2007, where he would receive his very own PS3 and a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Little did he know booting up the game for the first time, his whole world was about to be flipped upside down. Modern Warfare was where he would experience online Multiplayer in an FPS for the first time, and where it truly all began. Jenks had always been extremely competitive growing up playing hockey since he was in Grade 1. It was that competitive drive that would carry over into Modern Warfare and help drive him towards being the best player he could be. Pubs ended up not being enough to satisfy his competitive drive and it was then he would discover MLG Gamebattles, and found himself a team competing on the online ladders. In the end the rest of the teams dedication wasn’t as strong as his, and they ended up going their separate ways and separate games. Jenks stuck with CoD and would continue to pub stomp with his highschool bestfriends, playing in the odd pickup scrims from twitter, his hunger for competition still clawing at him in the back of his mind. It wouldn’t be until 2017 where Jenks would get the opportunity he had been searching for all those years. He and his teammates ‘Sprewell’, ‘Amex’, and ‘TypicaL’ would get approached by OeSL, an upcoming organization looking to acquire a pro team. It was there ‘Northern Express’ was conceived, a team built on Canadian roots under OeSL. Northern Express will be attending all the MLG LAN’S this year and working hard to make a name for themselves on the global scale.


Hobbies outside of gaming? Photography, Music, Food & Drink, Vaping, and Video Editing

How would your friends describe you? Quiet, loyal, dedicated

Favourite place you’ve travelled? Bosnia, the food there was amazing

Next on your travel list? Anaheim, for the next CWL event we're scheduled to go to

Go-to music to listen/party to? Depending on my mood, hardcore/beatdown or rap

Who did you game with growing up? Best friends over the years from school

What did your parents think of your gaming? Waste of time and money

Most memorable gaming memory? Christmas '07 when I played CoD 4 multiplayer for the first time. It was the first online shooter I had ever played.

Advice to your 15-year-old self? Take all the money from this summer job and invest in a high-end PC rig and capture equipment. Also pick one game and get really really good at it and never give up.



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