Anthony Wojnarski

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Name: Anthony Wojnarski (WOJO)

Date of Birth: March 28, 1989

Hometown: Mississauga

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Real Estate Agent

Favourite game: NHL HITZ 2002

Favourite character: Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed



Hobbies outside of gaming?

I am obsessed with playing/dominating sports as well as building business’ in industries that I believe will be mainstream 5 to 10 years from now but are currently in their infancy.


How would your friends describe you?



Favourite place you’ve travelled?

The Amalfi Coast.


Next on your travel list?

I’ve been wanting to go to Switzerland for a while now.


Go-to music to listen/party to?

Country and 80s Hair/Glam Metal.


Who did you game with growing up?

The same guys I game with now, my brother and my close friends from elementary school and high school.


What did your parents think of your gaming?

As long as my homework was done they were happy, if not there was an issue. 


Most memorable gaming memory?

Playing NHL HITZ 2002 with my best friends as we were getting ready for my buddy’s wedding, we were all in the wedding party and NHL HITZ was on our schedule.  It even made it into his wedding photos!


Advice to your 15-year-old self? 

The same thing I would tell myself now, work hard everyday and never stop hustling and striving for greatness.  Continue to be grateful for everyday and every opportunity and don’t forget to give mom and dad a hug and thank them for all they do.  You are destined for great things and this is only the beginning!

Social Shoutouts

Instagram Tags: @imperogroupinc #aceinrealestate

Facebook Tags: WO JO

Gamer Tags (IGN, Blizzard, XboxLive, Riot, etc.): WOJOCINCO