Jake Renshaw

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Name: Jake Renshaw

Date of Birth: April 10, 1996

Hometown: Hamilton

Occupation: Professional gamer/Student

Favourite Game: Call of Duty

Favourite Character: N/A



Jake “Sprewell” Renshaw is a Canadian Call of Duty player living in Ontario, Canada. He is currently the Team Captain and AR Slayer for Toronto based team Northern Express.

            Sprewell fell in love with the shooter genre at the age of ten. He first discovered his love for the genre and competition when he played a Halo 3 LAN party with some of his friends from school. Despite not owning the game himself at the time his dominance quickly shined through as someone who had real potential. After getting an Xbox 360 and a copy of Halo 3 from his parents Sprewell made his first online account and began learning and honing his skills in pubs. It would be one year later that Sprewell was introduced to Call of Duty. He was first introduced to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare through his long time childhood friend. Sprewell was instantly hooked on the drastic difference in how fast-paced the gameplay was in comparison to what he was used to in the Halo series. Sprewell really got into the series around the Modern Warfare 2 era. He quickly racked up more hours in pubs than anyone around him. Throughout the following years he would discover MLG Gamebattles and began competing in online ladders and tournaments. It would be in Black Ops II where Sprewell would play on his first semi-pro team where he would win several online tournaments and really solidify in his mind that this is what he wanted to do as a career. It would be in 2017 where Sprewell would get his first big break by getting picked up by new upcoming organization OeSL who were keen on acquiring a pro team. Sprewell along with teammates “Jenks”, “Amex”, and “TypicaL” would be the first roster to play under the team name “Northern Express” for OeSL. Northern Express would later go on to have several roster changes throughout the year that saw several promising players come and go. They would compete at the top events throughout the year clinching a personal best top-64 finish at CWL Atlanta. The team continues to work hard on making a name for themselves on the global scale.  

Hobbies Outside of Gaming?

Growing up as a kid I was always very competitive and played a number of sports my whole life. The main one being basketball where I played on multiple teams and competed on a decently high level. I’ve also been a musician since I was a child and have played in several bands which I was fortunate enough to be able to tour with. I’m quite a social person so I’ve always liked to do things that involved me with other people whether it be structured things or just going out in the city with some friends.


How Would You Friends Describe You?

My friends would describe me as outgoing, adventurous and easy going for the most part. Although, friends who have competed along side me whether it be in traditional sports, gaming etc. will tell you that I can be quite hard on people at times. I don’t shy away when it comes to critiquing someone’s performance and telling them how to adjust to get a better result. Some people can take it the wrong way but anyone who knows me well knows it comes from a place of support and that I am ten times harder on myself than anyone else.


Favourite Place You’ve Travelled?

So far my favourite place I’ve been to is Seattle, WA in August 2017 for the DOTA2 Internationals.


Next On Your Travel List?

The next on my travel list is a tie between either New York City, or California.


Go To Music To Listen/Party To?

I have a very diverse music taste and you’ll probably hear me blasting just about everything at times but on the regular I tend to get down to some Hip Hop or different forms of EDM is always good when you’re having a night out.


Who Did You Game With Growing Up?

Growing up the first people I started gaming with were friends that I was meeting in elementary school. Mainly childhood friend Mark Sandajan who I have been friends with since we were four years old. He also grew up to fall in love with gaming and is now a competitive DOTA2 player.


What Did Your Parents Think Of Your Gaming?

I was quite fortunate in this regard compared to a lot of other kids. My mom was the first one to by me a console which was the SNES when I was about 3 years old. I wouldn’t play very long as a small kid but as I got older I would ask for each new console that came out and my parents would get it. It wasn’t until I reached high school where I learned about eSports. Once I saw that there were kids similar ages to me making careers for themselves at video games I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. That’s when I really began playing a lot. Anywhere from 6-10 hours per day as that’s what I heard pro’s would practice for. My parents for a bit wondered why I was playing so much all of the sudden and when I showed them the world of eSports they were much more supportive knowing that I was working towards something rather than just wasting away all my time for nothing. They still continue to support to this day.


Most Memorable Gaming Memory?

My most memorable moment in gaming was probably winning my first ever online tournament back when I was a teenager. I remember that was the first time I thought to myself “I think I can really do this.”. It was also the first time I had won any sort of money from gaming which gave me a very small taste of what was out there waiting for me.


Advice To Your Fifteen Year Old Self?

If I could give my fifteen year old self any advice it would be to network myself as much as possible. When I was younger I was so obsessed with being the best. Of course this is very important and it’s good I put in all the work I did but if no one else knows how good you are it doesn’t tend to really do you much good. If I could go back I would really focus on trying to network myself as much as possible while also grinding my skill. It’s this combination that proves to pay off rather quickly if done right.



Social Shoutouts

Twitter: @nE_Sprewell

IG: @_jakerenshaw

Twitch: TheSprewell

YouTube: TheSprewell