Kat Karen

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Name: Kat Karen

Date of Birth: February 13, 1991

Hometown: Sudbury

Occupation: City Employee

Favourite game: NBA 2K

Favourite character: Tracer (Overwatch)


Hobbies outside of gaming?

Playing and Coaching Basketball, any type of exercise, spending time with friends, travelling/road trips, taking care of my 2 dogs and 2 cats

How would your friends describe you?

Competitive, easygoing, empathetic, responsible, funny, awkward, outgoing, sarcastic, eats a lot of food

Favourite place you’ve travelled?

Toss-up between backpacking Italy with two of my friends and travelling to Guatemala alone 

Next on your travel list?

This year I plan on going to Miami, Nashville and Mexico

Go-to music to listen/party to?


Who did you game with growing up?

My older brother and my friend Peyre (her and I used to crush a pizza while playing Tony Hawk regularly in high school)

What did your parents think of your gaming?

As long as I maintained a healthy balance between exercise, homework and friends they did not mind if I was playing video games. I just remember once I played Skyrim for about 16 hours straight and we had to have a “talk” 

Most memorable gaming memory?

Winning $200 from a FIFA tournament that I just walked in on (at the time I hadn’t played FIFA since FIFA98 so it felt extra rewarding, considering everyone was taking it so seriously—apparently I just got lucky) 

Advice to your 15-year-old self?

Don’t travel 4 hours to the Kanye West concert the night before your High school Track and Field Championships—it turns out that he is sort of a jerk


Social Shoutouts 

Instagram: @gamingkattyran