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Ontario eSports League - CSGO Elite Circuit

Want to get noticed by the top tier CSGO community? Want to know where you stand in the Ontario-wide talent pool of CSGO players? We're uniting the top 12 amateur/collegiate teams that are exclusive to Ontario, showcasing you all to the local community we all belong to, and giving you a platform to stand up on. 

It's time to know where you stand. It's time to put faces to names. It's time to put your name on the map. It's time a true Ontario champion is crowned. Is it time for you? It's time for all of us #RiseTogether

League Format + Logistics

Total # of teams: 12

Night: 1 Weekday Match [Wednesday or Thursday], 1 Weekend Match [Saturday] Complete schedule will be announced prior to league starting

Location: Online Regular Season, Playoff Grand Finals LAN.

Length of Season: January 16th – March 9th

League Structure: 7 Week Season, 5 regular season + 2 Playoffs

Registration Type: Full-squad only. Maximum of 8 players. May have up to 2 players not from Ontario.

Weekly Schedule:
Weekday: Matches will start at 7:00pm or 9:00pm. 
Weekend: Matches will start at 12:00pm and 3:00pm

Schedule will be released prior to league beginning.

Match Structure: Each match will consist of 3 competitive maps selected by the League Office. The winner of each match will be the Team that has won more maps than the other Team. All three maps will be played, regardless of the outcome of the first two maps. The win/loss differential of all three maps will count toward the ranking of Teams in the event of ties. Prevention of Match Ties: In the event that neither Team has won a majority of maps at the conclusion of the second map (e.g., a 1-1 tie), a tiebreaker map will be played. This tiebreaker map will count towards the ranking of Teams in the event of ties. b. Match Duration. Each match will include scheduled breaks as determined by the League. Each match will include at a minimum 3-minute breaks between maps and an approximately 8- minute “Halftime” following the second map.

Standings + Playoffs: Each round will count towards standings. Top 6 teams will play in Championship Bracket and bottom 6 teams will play in Consolation Bracket.

Price: $250/team

Prizing: $3,000 guaranteed prize pool. $2,000 to Winner.

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 16, 5:00pm

*Note: Registration does not mean you are entered into the Circuit. Capacity and team selection will be determined throughout the application period as teams register. We will be in touch to verify your spot in the Circuit. Be sure to check your email

The time is now to join the movement that is grassroots eSports here in Canada!