Bibi Siew

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Name: Bibi Siew       

Date of Birth: April 15, 1994

Hometown: Markham

Occupation: Content and Media Coordinator

Favourite game: Overwatch

Favourite character: Mercy &


Hobbies outside of gaming? I love hanging out with friends whether that be going out or that be staying in with a movie or a board game. I try to do some traveling but because of student loans I end up only writing about different characters visiting those places ha ha 

How would your friends describe you? Quirky, bubbly, approachable, honest, fair, friendly, a good listener, and can have a dark sense of humor. 

Favourite place you’ve travelled? Disney World!!

Next on your travel list? Japan!

Go-to music to listen/party to? Most of the time I’m into music that don’t have a huge beat, but it largely depends on my mood. EDM, Soundtracks, I listen to a little bit of everything!

Who did you game with growing up? With my brother because we didn’t have Xbox live.

What did your parents think of your gaming? A good hobby to keep me and my brother quiet but something to be wary of. As long as it didn’t get in the way of school we were good to game! 

Most memorable gaming memory? Beating my brother for the first time. He was so salty and could hardly believe it (it was the only time I beat him so, it didn’t really happen again).

Advice to your 15-year-old self? Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, people are much more open to your honesty than you think. Be a little selfish and remember to do things you like. Oh. And start journaling.


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