Fortnite Elite Circuit

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Registration Closes THIS Sunday February 24, 11:59PM

Welcome to Ontario's top tier Fortnite Duo's competition!

Think you're the best Fortnite player in Ontario? Or just love the game and want more of it? Sign up today for the Ontario eSports League - Forntite Elite Circuit. Time to put your skills to the test and compete in an eSports league exclusive to those who live in Ontario. 

It's time to know where you stand. It's time to put faces to names. It's time to put your name on the map. It's time a true Ontario champion is crowned. Is it time for you? It's time for all of us #RiseTogether

League Format + Logistics

Night: 1 Weekday Match [Thursday], 1 Weekend Match [Saturday] Complete schedule will be announced prior to league starting

Location: Online - PC / Xbox One / PS4

Length of Season: February 27 – April 3

League Structure: 6 Week Season, 4 regular season + 2 Playoff Tournament

Registration Type: Duo, with 1 registered substitute allowed

Total # of teams: 16 Duo's per platform, 10 Duo's for Xbox

Weekly Schedule:
Weekday: Matches will start at 7:00pm or 9:00pm. 
Weekend: Matches will start at 12:00pm or 3:00pm

Schedule will be released prior to league beginning.

Weekly Schedule breakdown: 5 Rounds - estimated 45 minutes - 1.5hr (Squads with two Duo's competing against each other) per week versus opponent. All rounds must be played, 2 points per round to whoever has most kills, 1pt each for a tie. 50 regular season rounds plus playoffs.

Standings + Playoffs: Each round will count towards standings. Tiebreaker will be 1. Head-to-head record 2. Total Eliminations. Top half teams will play in Championship Bracket and bottom half teams will play in Consolation Bracket.

Price: $50/duo

Prizing: 62.5% 1st place, 25% 2nd place, 12.5% 3rd/4th place

The time is now to join the movement that is grassroots eSports here in Canada!