Luke Coughlin Stewart

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Name: Luke Coughlin Stewart

Date of Birth: July, 2004

Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON

Occupation: Full time High School student

Favourite game: Fortnite

Favourite character: Cayde-6


Hobbies outside of gaming? I play competitive soccer and hockey, Reading, Lakelife, chilling with friends, biking, hiking to remote places, hanging with my 1/2 time dog "Gunnar" while my sister travels, playing board games/cards

How would your friends describe you? Hilarious nerd, nice thoughtful guy, competitive, private and humble and a sick video gamer, ha!

Favourite place you’ve travelled? I've travelled to hot destinations since young but I think my fav would be to Mexico this past winter to witness my sister and bro in law get married.    I also love visiting my grandparents/family 4 hours west in  Fort Frances on a regular basis.

Next on your travel list? Sweden to catch up on my ancestry and to visit relatives.  Oh, and to visit more cities while entering competitions for gaming.   I play a few other games that I have good stats on the leaderboard also.   Hopefully that will happen. 

Go-to music to listen/party to? I am not allowed to party yet but I listen to my moms old stuff 80s and up usually on all kinds of music

Who did you game with growing up? School friends or people I have met online

What did your parents think of your gaming? My mom was always chill with it as long as she never recieved a call from school about homework not done....never happened.

Most memorable gaming memory? Winning first place with All Ontario League

Advice to your 15-year-old self? Hmmm not 15 til 2019 but I will remind myself to keep level headed,  keep up with good marks,  keep working  hard and great future will follow.

Cool Story: In March our local Thunder Bay Television heard about my stats on the leaderboard and were interested in airing a clip about the world's "Fortnite" Craze. They interviewed and videoed myself while playing a few games (by chance I won a few while taping) and talked to a few good friends Brahm and Mark about my gaming. They showed the clip on our local news. I guess that was my 15 minutes of fame. Hope more to follow.

Social Shoutouts  

Instagram: Ltgetluked

Twitter: Ltgetluked

Twitch: LtGetLuked

Xbox: TTV LtGetLuked