Michael Bonora

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Name: Michael Bonora

Date of Birth: May 20th, 2000

Occupation: Student and Streamer

Favourite game: FIFA

Favourite character: John Price in Call of Duty


Hobbies outside of gaming? Playing and watching sports (soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) I also enjoy hanging out with my friends often and just trying to live life.

How would your friends describe you? I think my friends would call me annoying, funny, loyal, competitive, reliable and passionate.

Favourite place you’ve travelled? Beantown aka Boston, beautiful city 

Next on your travel list? Milan, Italy just to see my AC Milan play at the San Siro

Go-to music to listen/party to? Logic all day, everyday

Who did you game with growing up? I gamed with mainly my 4 closest friends (Johnny, Josh, Nick and Pete) 

What did your parents think of your gaming? My mom is not a big fan of video games at all, but I think my father is more cool with it.

Most memorable gaming memory? I think just staying up late with my friends and playing all these different games and just exploring new genres with my best buddies.

Advice to your 15-year-old self? Don’t play by the rules, do what your heart desires and what you feel is right.


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    Twitch: bonorahd