Nicholas Hoskins

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 Name: Nicholas Hoskins

Date of Birth: 08/14/87

Hometown: Mississauga

Occupation: Electrician

Favourite game: bioshock series

Favourite character: The Joker


Hobbies outside of gaming?

Working out, playing sports, watching movies, reading, cooking, going to sporting events


How would your friends describe you?

The would say I am an energetic funny guy who is always there to help a friend. They would also say if you need something destroyed I am your man.  


Favourite place you’ve travelled?

London England was the best trip I have been on with two of my closest and oldest friends.


Next on your travel list?

Somewhere hot 


Go-to music to listen/party to?

EDM and rock are always playing in my car or when I workout. I do listen to rap sometimes but not todays garbage, earlier 2000’s and 90’s stuff


Who did you game with growing up?

When I was little my brother then as I got older he stopped playing and my high school friends have always been the squad to play with.


What did your parents think of your gaming?

They gave me my first system, so I guess they thought it was ok.


Most memorable gaming memory?

Playing halo 2 in my basement with 7 of my friends one xbox system linking. We made are own game if you get killed you lose a point and you must drink. The games went to 10 but we never got there.


Advice to your 15-year-old self?

Focus more on school and not go out all the time.


Instagram Tags: @Hoskins00


XBOX Tag: W 0 0 G I 3