Overwatch Community Tournament (July 2017)

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Overwatch players will play a best 2 out of 3 games per match.

First round will be payload

Loser will pick map for second round. Anything except payload. 

Third round will only be played If match is tied after The first and second round. Loser of second round will pick map of third round. Third round will be Any mode that was not played in the previous rounds. 

Round robin tournament structure.

Players will have the option to register solo or on a team for Overwatch. If you register solo, that means we will place you on a team with other solo players, or, you can request to play with your friends. In the comments section, simply tell us the names of the other members in your team and we will match you with them!

**Please note that you MUST have your own Battle.net ID and own a PC version of Overwatch in order to participate**

Prizing based on number of teams registered.

***Plus additional merch giveaways and prizes!***

Location: Raiders eSports Centre

Tournament time: 10am - 6pm
Registration deadline: Friday, July 28, 2017
Space is limited to 8 teams!
Spectating is welcome!

Register by clicking the button below.