Sam Alexander

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Name: Sam Alexander          

Date of Birth: July 2 1987

Hometown: Brockville, ON    

Occupation: Intake Analyst

Favourite game: Overwatch, COD, Street Fighter

Favourite character: MERCY


Hobbies outside of gaming? Cosplay! Watching large amounts of TV shows, movies, reading actual books. and going out with friends. Just trying to enjoy living life as much as possible.

How would your friends describe you? Recently someone told described me as "too nice to not like anyone" lol quiet, easy going and friendly probably

Favourite place you’ve travelled? London, England or Dominican

Next on your travel list? Jamaica (in November)!! Would also love to go back to England and travel to Australia.

Go-to music to listen/party to? I pretty much like all kinds of music except country. I'm not picky if it has a good beat.

Who did you game with growing up? My best friend growing up and I played street fighter on Super Nintendo A LOT. My neighbour/friend had pretty much every gaming system so I'd be over there quite often!

What did your parents think of your gaming? I have much older brothers that had gaming systems before me, so they didn't really care. They were the ones that bought my first three consoles for me. 

Most memorable gaming memory? Probably playing two-person Rayman speed run levels with my BF and like screaming at each other lol

Advice to your 15-year-old self? There are more options than university out there. Also, cosplay is a thing. Nothing that sucks right now will matter in 15 years.


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