WPG - Well Played Games (April 2017)

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The WELL PLAYED GAMES is a multi-eSport tournament held at RAIDERS ESPORTS CENTRE on May 20th from 11am - 6pm.

You can register in either OVERWATCH (PC), LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (PC), or FIFA17 (XBOX ONE) and compete for prize money

Registration is $30 per person, which goes into the prize pot for the winners to take home!

Overwatch and LOL players are guaranteed a minimum 3 games + Finals. Round robin tournament structure.

FIFA17 is an Xbox Round Robin tournament. Every player guaranteed 7 games + Playoffs.

Players will have the option to register solo or on a team for Overwatch and League Of Legends. If you register solo, that means we will place you on a team with other solo players, or, you can request to play with your friends. In the comments section, simply tell us the names of the other members in your team and we will match you with them!

* if your e-Sport is not currently offered, please contact us about future events.