Wilfred Lee

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Name: Wilfred Lee

Date of Birth: March 29, 1984

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Artist

Favourite game: Metal Gear Solid Series


Hobbies outside of gaming? I love drawing, doing jiu-jitsu and performing improv at Second City! I’m always interested in expanding my horizons.

How would your friends describe you? Passionate about improving my skills and sharing it with others.

Favourite place you’ve travelled? South Korea where I lived for 10 years and the Amazon at the edge of Ecuador!

Next on your travel list? Japan! But would have to be a proper stay where I can geek out thoroughly.

Go-to music to listen/party to? Basically my Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/22svhlfm6jsfevmmbvd6yljwq/playlist/6p7aGsu9eIWEM3rOUCspWX?si=cXNj0HCYSfq6PsbZum9DtQ
Or mostly lo-fi hip-hop, chillwave, or soundtracks to get me in the mood.

Who did you game with growing up? I grew up gaming with my older brother. Our parents used to have the original Street Fighter 2 arcade at our convenience store. We would play that all night.  

What did your parents think of your gaming? Probably something I shouldn’t be doing instead of homework when I was young.

Most memorable gaming memory? Being alone and playing Silent Hill 2 where it just took the horror genre into a really dark place. It really showed me the magic of atmosphere, mood and how mature a storyline can be. I’m still recovering!

Advice to your 15-year-old self? Learn coding, keep drawing, start streaming on Twitch, and knowing that there is enough room in the world to do what you love, find others in the process, and grow with that community together.


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