WPG II - Well Played Games 2 (September 2017)

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The WELL PLAYED GAMES is a multi-eSport tournament held at RAIDERS ESPORTS CENTRE on SEPTEMBER 9th from 10am - 6pm.

You can register in either OVERWATCH (PC), LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (PC), or FIFA17 (XBOX ONE) and compete for prize money

Registration is $30 per person, which goes into the prize pool for the winners to take home!

Overwatch and LOL players are guaranteed a minimum 3 games + Finals. Round robin tournament structure.

FIFA17 is an Xbox Round Robin tournament. Every player guaranteed 7 games + Playoffs.

Players will have the option to register solo/duo for Overwatch and League Of Legends. If you register solo/duo, that means we will place you on a team with other solo/duo players to balance teams. To request to register as a duo, in the comments section, simply tell us the names of your friend and we will match you with them!

* if your e-Sport is not currently offered, please contact us about future events.