The Home of Amateur Gaming

OeSL is the marquee brand and facilitator of both social and competitive gaming across Ontario. 

With the eSports industry on the verge of rapid growth, we have identified and are targeting the untapped Amateur eSports market. With over 7.6 million gamers in Ontario alone, we possess the leading platform that attracts the masses and centralizes each eSport's community.

¬ We facilitate organized, social and competitive eSports leagues, tournaments and events. 
¬ Serve as thought leaders in the Amateur eSports industry.
¬ Provide a platform for Amateur gamers to gain exposure and connect with professional organizations.
¬ Assisting corporations in meeting their growing marketing objective to include the massive eSports audience.

Not everyone can be a professional player, but that shouldn't stop an avid gamer from both their pursuit to be the best or their desire to compete on a professionally organized platform. Traditional sports have had decades to build their Amateur system as: inclusive of all skill levels, providing a path to the top (scholarships, professional, etc), and credible communities for fans and players of the sport at-large.

The landscape for the Amateur eSports market is changing, and we're behind it.

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