Canadian Esports Championship


Ontario eSports League and the Manitoba Esports League join forces to bring you Canada's National Esports Competition!

Date: March 15th - June 6th
5 Titles: League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Rocket League, Call of Duty

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Open to All

Our goal is to make this experience as affordable and accessible to all who wish to participate.

$35 for Amateur League & COD League

$50 for Premier League

  • Open to All Ages

  • Open to All Skill Levels

  • Open to All North Americans

    ( U.S. Eligibility rules apply )

Additional Info can be found HERE


All About Community

Being Community Driven means our focus and efforts are directed entirely toward the Community.

Being Community Funded means all money given to the League is given right back.

  • 80-90% of League Fees go into Prize Pool

  • 10-20% go toward paying for Equipment, Servers, Talent etc.

We are community members like yourself, who are passionate about the growth of Esports in Canada.

Despite our team being mostly made up of volunteers, we bring a professional, yet fun and entertaining atmosphere to the League and to Association Events.


Proudly Canadian

Our Executive Team is 100% Canadian!

The best way to grow the community is by having a local team that represents you and your province/country.

Our Team is not just from Manitoba, but we are situated across other provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario.

Whether you live in a small rural town, in a bustling city, or anywhere in between we want to represent all.