League of Legends - FAQ

League of Legends

Time to put your skills to the test and begin your journey to compete in an eSports league exclusive to those who live in Ontario. The nature of this league is to be friendly, supportive, and then competitive. We know competitive nature will takeover as we all want to win, but there is a ZERO tolerance policy on negativity or disrespect shown to any other members of the league. You are now formally part of Canada's growing local eSports community, let’s be ambassadors for where the future of gaming going! See below for further details and instructions:

Online matches played weekly against other teams in Ontario.

League is open to everyone of all genders, ages, and skill-types.

Length: 9 Week Season, 7 regular season games + 2 Playoffs

Schedule: Matches will start between 7pm - 10pm. Schedule will be released prior to league beginning.

Game Mode: 5v5 Summoners Rift

Schedule breakdown: 2 matches per week, double header versus opponent.

18 guaranteed rounds. 14 regular season matches plus 4 guaranteed playoffs.

All rounds must be played, 1 point per round.

Total # of teams per division: 12

(Teams can be divided into different divisions depending on the number of registrations)

Standings + Playoffs: Each round counts towards your score and standings. ALL teams will play in the playoffs. Top 6 teams will play in Championship Bracket and bottom 4 teams will play in Consolation Bracket.

Registration: Solo/Duo/Full Squad

[10 players allowed to be registered to a roster. Cannot be on more than one roster per league]

Looking for other players / teammates? No problem!

  • We recommend joining the OeSL discord first to meet new people!
  • If you want to sign-up SOLO and make new friends we can pair you with a team.
  • If you have a group of friends that want to play together we can pair you on a team and add extra players if needed.


Our Goal is to have all matches played therefore:

Forfeits and Rescheduling: If your team cannot have 5 players by the start of the game, a 15 minute mercy will be given to find the required players to have a full-team. Please notify OeSL admin if your team is in trouble to meet this requirement, the earlier the better.

Players trying to reschedule a match the DAY OF the game may have to suffer a loss if the opposing team does not agree to it.

Substitutes: Subs are allowed to be made before the start of any round, even mid-matchup. If you will be requiring a sub for an upcoming game, any player within the league may be used as a sub. If going outside of the league, please notify OeSL Admin.

Please send us their:

  1. NAME
  2. EMAIL
  3. IGN


If a team does not show up to a match at its scheduled time there is a 15 minute GRACE PERIOD. After 15 minutes the teams can either decide to reschedule the match OR the team that has missing members forfeits and takes a LOSS. Please submit a screenshot of the lobby of the match verifying that all team members are either present or absent.  

    Left side of schedule is the home team, with the Team Captain in-charge of setting up the match. Please aim to have your game setup 15 minutes prior to start-time. Players are encouraged to communicate in the allotted “Team Chats” on the OeSL Discord. If you haven’t joined yet, please do: https://discord.gg/rBKFDR8.

    OeSL supports the use of Prodraft (http://prodraft.leagueoflegends.com/) to draft your league matches as we wish to keep the league accessible to players who do not own all champions! Prodraft allows you to simulate pick and bans for your league match with all champions available.

    We encourage each team to have a designated streamer or someone recording the match. With regards to streaming, we will be showcasing all streams of games pertaining to your league, so please share with us in advance if you possess the capabilities and are looking to do this.

    The Team Captain of each team is expected to take a screenshot of the end-game scoreboard reflecting all team’s stats and the score. This is to be posted in the Discord “lol-results” channel immediately after the week’s matchups are completed. Standings will be updated the following day by OeSL.


    Please post the final scores and screenshots of EACH ROUND in the PLAYERS LOUNGE - Play.OeSL.ca

    Team X  vs Team Y 
    Round 1: Score – Winning Team Name
    Round 2: Score – Winning Team Name

    Alfa vs. Bravo
    Round 1: 1-0– Alfa
    Round 2: 0-1 – Bravo
    1-1 : TIE