Rocket League FAQ

Rocket League

Online matches played weekly against other teams in Ontario.

League is open to everyone of all genders, ages, and skill-types.

Length: 9 Week Season, 7 regular season games + 2 Playoffs

Schedule: Matches will start between 7pm - 10pm. Schedule will be released prior to league beginning.

Game Mode: 2v2 DUO and 1V1 SOLO

Schedule breakdown: 5 matches per week versus opponent.

45 Guaranteed rounds. (35 regular season matches plus 10 guaranteed playoffs).

All rounds must be played, 1 point per round.

Total # of teams per division: 12

(Teams can be divided into different divisions depending on the number of registrations)

Standings + Playoffs: Each round counts towards your score and standings. ALL teams will play in the playoffs. Top 4 teams will play in Championship Bracket and bottom 8 teams will play in Consolation Bracket.

Registration: Solo/Duo/Full Squad

[10 players allowed to be registered to a roster. Cannot be on more than one roster per league]

Looking for other players / teammates? No problem!

  • We recommend joining the OeSL discord first to meet new people!
  • If you want to sign-up SOLO and make new friends we can pair you with a team.
  • If you have a group of friends that want to play together we can pair you on a team and add extra players if needed.


Our Goal is to have all matches played therefore:

Matches can be rescheduled as long as BOTH Teams agree to it.

Players trying to reschedule a match the DAY OF the game may have to suffer a loss if the opposing team does not agree to it.


If a team does not show up to a match at its scheduled time there is a 15 minute GRACE PERIOD. After 15 minutes the teams can either decide to reschedule the match OR the team that has missing members forfeits and takes a LOSS. Please submit a screenshot of the lobby of the match verifying that all team members are either present or absent.  

We understand that on the rare occasion - One or Two players may not show-up to a game without warning in time for the start of the first round. Which can ruin the experience for everyone. Therefore instead of a forfeit we allow substitutions and players to fill on a team. Please send us their:

  1. NAME
  2. EMAIL
  3. IGN


Please post the final scores and screenshots of EACH ROUND in the DISCORD. There is a channel called: #ow-results